Family Size Charts



Dear Customer,

You come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, It’s important that we provide a size chart that will at least give you a general idea of what your sizes are. For example, the size chart above covers general sizes for women. However, if you do not know your precise measurements, it might be a good idea to visit a tailor or seamstress. Unfortunately, if you order the wrong size you aren’t allowed to return item(s) be we do not accept returns. Please review our return & exchange policy and special instructions by clicking here. To view children’s sizes scroll down; baby sizes can be viewed by clicking here.

Girl’s Chart



Boy’s Chart



These are standard sizes only for women, girls, and boys. Go here to view men’s sizes. As previously mentioned, it is highly recommended that you properly measure so that you can have a smooth transition between placing and completing your order to enjoying the excitement and arrival of your new purchases. Furthermore, seamstresses and tailors know best. Knowing your size or getting properly measured prior to placing your order is a good practice!



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