Our Story 💎

Shop At KEI brand was founded in Summer of 2017 by a crazed shoe addict, accessory freak & glitzy fashion junky who’s a forward thinker & dreamer just like you. At night she lies awake thinking of all the possible things in the world that bring happiness and contentment to everyday life. These are the type of things that keep you up at night. One sleepless night… a perfect button, lengthy zipper, and branded shopping bag flashed before her eyes faster than life itself. Later on…,  somewhere between the late nights & early mornings, whilst stuck in a moment…, Shop At KEI was born and Our story continues. Follow us on our path to enlightenment and together you and I will inherit the earth.

Exclusive Threads Have Meaning 💎

Shop at KEI collections consists of Celebrity, Little Africa, and Skater ready to wear threads. Custom lavish garments are extra special because they’re unique in design and are full of personality.  Classic celebrity styles can be playful, runway ready, or after five. Little Africa‘s Afro-Centric attire tells a story of Black history, creativity, struggle & triumph. Skater’s street and graffiti art wear speak volumes with its vibrant colors, abstract style, and fiber – optic effects. No matter which pattern you choose there’s something here you’re sure to love; there are exclusive pieces for men, women, and children. Don’t just take my word for it, shop teenybopper, little miss, young lad, or little sir now! By the way, a really great friend will make certain you have everything you need the first time around. An even better one will not allow you to shop alone because it can be dangerous.

Our Amazing Team

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