Oh Baby

Oh Baby… We’ve Got Baby Clothes!

Babies are so precious and dressing them up is so much fun! Nothing feels more special than picking out their very first outfit. You sit there fumbling through all of your baby shower and baby sprinkle gifts, which come from all the special people who love you and can’t wait for baby’s arrival, to see which ensemble will be perfect for baby’s first day out. Oh! how sweet it is. Little infant and toddler clothes come in a variety of awesome colors and plush fabrics, but unisex pastels that were hand-knitted using acrylic yarn are among my top favorites. It’s quite amazing what a crafty person can muster with the help of steady hands, vision, and a few spools of colorful yarn. What types of baby clothes do you like?

oh-baby-Newborn-baby -size chart

Variety Rules, But Making a Fashion Statement is King

Choose from different outfits for your infant. If you don’t see your favorites here request them and add them to your wish list. If the demand is popular we might just add them to the lineup. Oh, baby, there’s nothing more to see here. It’s Just a few baby sizes. 😉 Shop for mom too by clicking here.

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