Melanin Crown Organic Hair Balm

Melanin Crown organic hair balm is infused with lavender, rosemary, and other all natural ingredients. Its contents is predominantly comprised of raw unrefined shea butter, coconut, and other essential oils. Combined they stimulate healthy hair and continuous growth. Additionally, it has a very creamy consistency and it smells great too! Firstly and most importantly, we're also naturalistas! Therefore, this moisturizer was designed with you in mind. In short, it was created to revive and rejuvenate crowns for hair types 1 - 4C, but wait... there's more!



Melanin Crown Organic Hair Balm Lavender and rosemary pudding is infused with Moringa and Neem oil. It promotes healthy hair growth and stimulates hair follicles while providing a moisture-rich shine. ➥ Learn More

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    Shea Butter

    Shea butter is a superb hair moisturizer. It contains vitamin A which helps alleviate scalp conditions like psoriasis. In addition to vitamin A, shea butter is also rich in stearic, oleic acids, and vitamin E. It has medicinal properties therefore, it is all-around magical for your mane. The unrefined karite butter (shea butter) is both moisturizing and hydrating. This wonderful butter is great for your skin too!


    • Promotes hair growth
    • Restores hair follicles
    • Soothes dry scalp, contains vitamins A & E


    Of the 13 essential oils lavender is the most versatile. While it is most noted for it's relaxation and calming effects it has many other benefits. Because of the nutrients found in lavender oil, when applied directly to your scalp it promotes faster and healthy hair growth. Therefore, it is a common mixture in shea butter hair balms, shampoos, etc.


    • Calming
    • Helps eliminate dandruff
    • Most versatile essential oil



    Rosemary is the boss of essential oils. Like lavender oil, it too promotes hair growth. Furthermore, rosemary is a stimulant that will increase your hair's length, thickness, and strength whilst growing it at the same time. It also aids the hair in retaining moisture. For silky, shiny, and soft hair on a regular basis, rosemary oil is a must-have.


    • Stimulant
    • Antioxidant
    • Fights oiliness
    Shea butter, lavender, and rosemary have great hair & body benefits!

    Healthy Hair Matters

    In conclusion, everyone deserves to have a product that works well with their hair. In other words, you too can to get the good stuff at an affordable price without breaking the bank! For instance, Keiani’s hair is a combination of 4 b/4 c. Above all, her natural crown is thick, coily and curly. To sum it up, I must say our hair balm tames her mane quite well. In conclusion, you can most certainly check in from time to time, for “Do it yourself” hair tutorials. Get pointers on how to use our mixture on your natural hair styles at home.



    • coconut-oil

    • Oat-straw-plant

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