For the Love of Art

Shop At KEI's Skater collection was inspired by skateboard lovers just like you. Yeah, So we sort of, kind of have a skateboard fetish and think skateboarding is pretty darn cool. With that being said, skateboarding gear should be beyond fly and attract people who have a need for speed. Don't get it twisted, these graphic tees can be worn by everyone. However, we do find they are favored by teenyboppers and young lads everywhere. So, some of these pieces were hand-picked by Shop At KEI's teen Fashion Addict blogger Keiani. Therefore, it is safe to say they are the cream of the crop.

Skater Pride

Kids know what they want! However, it's quite difficult not to become obsessed with the abstract art or vintage designs in some of the fliest, favorite skater styles no matter what age you are. That's exactly why mom and dad can also browse this fantastic collection and find something they like too! There's a fat chance they'll love it just as much as teens do! Dress the part and join the "it squad." Be fly, be creative, and super cool. Share the online shopping experiences with all of your pals by tweeting us photos of you wearing your favorite gear while you're dominating the skating rink. Show us what you've got! Grab the center stage. It's the best seat in the house. All you have to do is shine. Remember a smile goes a long way. Your fans will follow suit.

[Tweet "I'm a speed skater. That's who I am, in my heart. — Shani Davis"]
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