Our Little Africa collection is an assemblage of African dashikis & other Afrocentric attire. It expresses rich African culture, Black’s way of life, trials & triumphs. These pieces of clothing feature Black history. They also highlight injustices and sketch the current state of the Black family. They’re also symbolic of hope and spotlight Afro – Americans who have made huge contributions to society. Although most of those contributions have gone unrecognized largely in part to being left out of our history books, you will find some of them here. The name “Little Africa” derived from The Tulsa Race Riots of 1921 Destruction of Black Wallstreet.

For Black Wallstreet was so eloquently known by this moniker because it was a very prosperous and prominent African- American community in Tulsa 1921. This collection is very thought provoking even where minimal word usage exists. The images paint pictures that make a statement without saying a word.


Furthermore, these thought-provoking Afrocentric pieces are about self-expression. They speak a universal language when it comes to knowledge, education, and understanding. From every pop of color to every strikingly gorgeous pattern the focus is the artwork and the power behind each message. Our peaceful Earth tones, floral prints, and decorative arrangements are inspiring. So, if you’re looking for clothes online that are more than just the very threads that hold them together… psst you have arrived! Little Africa’s collection is piece perfect, most noteworthy, and as much of a conversation starter as any other blazing hot trend. Shop the latest in exclusive African clothing from dashikis, to dresses, and more! Get stylish African clothing for women, men, and kids in most sizes here and under our new arrivals tab!

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